Félix Prado

Félix Prado

Telecommunication Engineer
M.Sc. Computer Engineering

Andalusia, Spain
+34 620 720 225
English (C1), Italian (B2), French (A2)



Félix has earned the Telecommunication Engineer degree from the University of Sevilla (Spain) and the Master of Science in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milano (Italy) thanks to a Double Degree agreement within the T.I.M.E program.

He has developed his professional career in the software domain, working in different fields (IoT, telecomunications) and scopes (development, analysis, continuos integration). Simultaneously he has also assumed some team management roles and tasks mainly using agile methodologies.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Software Engineer, Novatec

    Oct 2016 - currently

    Working for an important project on the automobile industry. Development and maintenance of different components, applications and microservices within the project. Taking special care of the software automation: working in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tasks. Developing and implementing tools and features that boost the productivity of the teams and improve the technical set up and the delivery flow of the builds and pipelines for the product.

    • Technologies: Java, J2EE, DB2, Websphere, SpringBoot, Kotlin.
    • CI/CD and DevOps tools: Docker, Jenkins, Nexus, Ansible, Git, Atlasboard.
    • Agile methodologies working in remote with our German colleagues. Kanban and SCRUM. Jira and Confluence.
  • Software Developer and Scrum Master,  Ericsson

    Jul 2013 -Sep 2016 3 years and 2 months

    Software development, testing and analysis for the SON product: an optimization software solution for mobile networks using Self-Organizing Networks algorithms. Multi-vendor and technology support: Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and Alcatel-Lucent for GSM, UMTS y LTE networks. Agile Methodology: SCRUM.

    • Scrum Master of team Fractal: team management, task splitting, decision making, preparation and moderation of meetings and SCRUM ceremonies (Sprint Planning, Stand up, Scrum of Scrums, Retrospective), team interface with the rest of teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owner y Agile Manager.
  • Research assistant, University of Malaga

    Sep 2012 - Jun 2013 9 months

    RESCUE Project : Research on Internet of Things topics over Web Services (WS-*) and Service-Oriented Architecure (SOA). Services orchestration and composition in several devices: motes, RaspberryPi, .NET Gadgeteers.



  • Software
    Java Eclipse Maven Subversion Git MySQL/SQL REST
  • CI/CD
    Jenkins Docker Ansible Nexus Python Bash Groovy
  • Agile
    SCRUM Scrum Master Team Management JIRA Confluence
  • Internet of Things
    CoAP DPWS 6LowPan 802.15.4 REST
  • Learning
    Java 8 Spring Functional Programming R Tableau


  • Master of Science in Computer Engineering,  Polytechnic University of Mlano

    Sep 2010 - Oct 2012

    Software Engineering Computer Security Semantic Web Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things Soft Computing Databases Formal Languages and Compilers
  • Telecommunication Engineering (SICUE scolarship),  Polytechnic University of Valencia

    Sep 2009 - Oct 2010

    Antennas Optical Communications Digital Signal Processing Radiocommunication Politics of Telecommunication Network management
  • Telecommunication Engineering, Telematics; University of Sevilla

    Sep 2005 - Jul 2009

    Networks, Systems and Services Architecture Fundamentals of Telematics Data communication laboratory Software of Communications


  • Academic records,  Universidad de Sevilla

    Data: Jun 2005

    Awarded among the 100 best academic records for new students of the University of Sevilla (9.24/10) and among the 100 best marks on the entrance exams(9.08/10)

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • VolunteerAndalucia Digital Commitment

    Jan 2015 - currently

    Teaching new technologies to people with a low knowledge of digital skills. Internet, security, Office suite, operative systems.



  • Sports

    Running Handball Sports Management
  • Technology

    Internet Web 2.0 Gadgets
  • Photography

  • Culture

  • Teaching